I am a PhD student on the Foundational Artifical Intelligence CDT (2020-2024) at University College London, supervised by Benjamin Guedj at the UCL Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Arthur Gretton at the Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.

My research lies at the intersection of the machine learning, statistics and computer science communities, and has currently focused on designing kernel-based hypothesis tests for the two-sample, independence and goodness-of-fit problems. A unique aspect of my work is that an equally strong emphasis is put on both theory and practicality, which is of the utmost importance for the real-world uses of these tests. Indeed, strong theoretical guarantees in terms of minimax optimality are provided, and much effort has been put into providing user-friendly parameter-free implementations of all proposed tests with the ability to leverage GPU architectures for significant computational speedups.

This practical aim to construct parameter-free tests for users resulted in a common theme throughout my research: tackling the fundamental problem of kernel selection for kernel-based hypothesis tests, either via Aggregation, or via Fusion. A nowadays very common concern that could affect the adoption of these tests for real-world applications is privacy of sensitive data, as such, we have recently proposed tests with differential privacy guarantees, have proved their minimax optimality, and have released publicly available code.

I have recently started working on methods using all these kernel tests for watermarking large language models and diffusion models, in order to help detecting misuse of these models (plagiarism, deepfake images, etc.).

Prior to starting my PhD, I received a Master of Mathematics from the University of Oxford and a Master of Science in Machine Learning from University College London.

I am affiliated with Inria through the Inria-London Programme and the Modal research team. I also organise the DeepMind/ELLIS CSML Seminar Series on Computational Statistics and Machine Learning for the UCL ELLIS Unit (European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems).

A short biography can be found here.